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Random Acts of Verbiage

Friday, May 27, 2005

Neil Armstrong would have had the right words

So, I have a blog. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon / blog-train (although personally, I think it would be rather difĂ­cil to jump onto a train). Allthough I'll mainly be using this as a personal diary --a procrastination station of sorts-- hopefully I'll talk about more interesting things as time progresses. Wil Shipley's blog intro seems to be a good basis to hold myself to. Proceed to blockquote!

"Find yourself describing your tummy aches in your blogs? Then stop. Post stuff like, "Didn't do much today, maybe I'll try a new nail-polish..." Stop. Just stop. It's OK. You're probably a good person. You might have other talents. But you aren't a writer."

That, I will try to avoid. If I start flailing into that gray (grey?) area, stop me by all means necessary. Of course, this post is already pacing around that line. I wonder how long Neil Armstrong pondered what to say for the first step (1 millionth blog in existance vs. 1st step on moon, admittedly not a good comparison).

I'll also use my blog for the following goodies:

  • A little music player that will highlight my days soundtracks. For those of you who share my eclectic music taste.

  • Cool links that I stumbled into. I never got the hang of Technorati, Del.icio.us, or any other bookmark sharing place within the first 3 minutes of use, so I'll write it off as bad design. No, not really.

Thats all for now. Until my next post.


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