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Random Acts of Verbiage

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Whistler, Etc

As you may or may not have noticed, I am back from Whistler. Whistler: Twas good. Highlights were being able to get back out on the slope, and enjoying the semi-exotic foods that Canada has to offer. Like Mozzarella Cheese Balls. OK, so not exotic, but just good.
Downsides were things like finding out I'm back to the level of Beginner on the snowboard, as well as scalding my hand on water that's hot enough to crack a ceramic mug that I had innocently perched in my hand. (It's all better now. Finally)

So yeah. Here I am, back in town, entirely saddled in homework I should have been doing now, but hey I finally got these photos from long ago uploaded so hey at least that's accomplished and next time I feel like procrastinating I will upload the 3 good photos from the entire Whistler trip and gee, my hands are tingly, which aren't so much a sign of my typing out a run-on sentence as they are an indicator of me not having have food in a while. So yeah. I should go eat some food. And read "Lotsa Plato" as well as Aristotle, Kant, [re-read] Descartes, Bacon+Bruno, eat Bacon, and I really have to go eat food. Until next time.

- Eptin "All better now" Michael Posted by Picasa


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